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Activate Your Sim Card

Click the following link to request activation or message us on Ebay/Amazon:

Click here to Activate your sim card

AT&T Phone Compatibility Check

AT&T is shutting down 3G network, so your 3G/2G phone will not work in the USA. Only AT&T compatible 4G LTE/5G phone works. Please check your phone's IMEI here(you may check on too, but this link is easier):

Click here to check your Phone IMEI for AT&T compatibility

AT&T 3G Data Block(fix no data issue)

If you are unable to use data after troubleshooting, please call 611 during business hour, get a live agent, ask "Please remove my 3G data block" and test it

Contact AT&T Customer Service

AT&T and T-Mobile data setting and APN

Please turn on data and data roaming and retart your phone to use data.(Iphone:please remove any APN setting profile in Setting--profile) You may check the following link for more detail about data setting and APN if data not working

T-Mobile data setting Access Point Name (APN):

AT&T data setting Access Point Name (APN): NXTGENPHONE


Please check your coverage

T-Mobile Coverage Map

AT&T T-Mobile Coverage Map